Santa Semana in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Mexico’s hottest vacation destination is on holiday! Puerto Vallarta is jammed mostly with locals this week as the snowbirds have returned to their US and Canuckland homes and the Vallartans have “taken back” their city. <OLE!!!>  Puerto Vallarta schools and most workplaces have closed for the annual “Semana Santa” (the Holy Week) and post Easter-week holiday vacations. Just like Mardi-Gras here. As in many European towns and cities, PV (today in about an hour) will stage (very dramatic and emotionally-moving) the “Living Stations of the Cross” that follows Christ’s last hour before His crucifixion. The crowds will follow “Jesus” down the malecon, and with an impressive production. Quite a pageant!!!!  Decorate those “huevos de Pasqua” tomorrow night (Easter eggs) and count your many blessings.

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