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 Puerto Vallarta Shopping: Pets

puerto vallarta pets - shopping for dogs in mexico

Coco-Bell is the only Chihuahua we've seen who does Yoga.

Shopping for pets in Puerto Vallarta- 

Dog food can be purchased in local grocery stores, however numerous corner stores sell dog food by the kilo, which can save you money.

Dog products such as leashes, collars, dog bowls, are most inexpensive if purchased from smaller vendors, and even cheaper if purchased in vet offices in Pitillal. 

Incidentally, a visit to a Pitillal veterinarian will run you around 80 pesos ($8.00 USD) including any shots, medication needed.  To find a veterinarian in Puerto Vallarta, you can either ask a taxi driver, or take a bus and ask someone once you've arrived in Pitillal. 




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