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Health Foods and Natural Remedies Puerto Vallarta has countless pharmacias that sell health products and prescriptions.  
For those looking for natural remedies, herbs, and health foods, Puerto Vallarta has everything from GNC to local vendors selling organic bee pollen on the street side. 

GNC is located north of the malecon.  Most grocery stores include herbs and a few popular health products but be prepared to pay far higher prices than in the US- this includes the Puerto Vallarta Walmart, which adds a few dollars for import costs to most products. 

Health food stores in Pitillal are considerably cheaper than those closer to the beach.  This is about 15 minutes inland by taxi, or 20 minutes by bus. 

Purchasing prescription drugs in Puerto Vallarta:  Nearly all pharmacies can legally sell prescription drugs without a prescription.  By US law, you are allowed to import a 3 month personal supply of a prescription product, however, this does not guarantee customs will allow you to enter the US without confiscating them based on various factors.  A better choice would be to see a local doctor in Puerto Vallarta for a written prescription.  A doctor's visit in Puerto Vallarta can cost around $40 pesos ($4.00 USD) and can be found by asking a pharmacist or taxi driver.  English speaking doctors can cost significantly more but as a rule, the further inland your doctor is, the less money they will more than likely charge.  There is also a pharmacy on Constitution, the same street as Rizzo's grocery store in Old Town, where a doctor holds hours.  His fee is usually $30 pesos ($3.00 USD.)  Rather than risk losing money spent on confiscated prescriptions, and possible fines, consider this option.  


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