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 Puerto Vallarta Travel Tips: Tipping

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Puerto Vallarta Tipping Guide

Tipping in Puerto Vallarta can be confusing.  Here are a few tipping tips to make it simple.



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Bring small change- tipping is customary for everyone from the man who carries your luggage, to the boy who bags your groceries, and the concierge who shows you to your room.  Be sure and bring plenty of singles to hold you over until you can exchange your currency. Tipping Guide for more information.


Tips for taxi drivers-


Tips for grocery baggers-  It is customary to give the change from your grocery tab to the boy that bags your food.  If the amount is less than 5 pesos (less than .50 cents) locals usually throw in a few more coins.  If the time or effort required is significant (takes up the same amount of time as 2 shoppers) 10 pesos ($1 US. dollar) is usually appreciated.


Tipping servers in restaurants-  15% is acceptable.  20% is suggested; particularly since the price of food in Puerto Vallarta can be quite low.    Most regular travelers to Puerto Vallarta never tip less than 50 pesos (less than $5 US dollars) and up to 50% depending in the tab and service.    Again- if the time spent at the same table is the same as 2 normally paced tables, additional tipping is appreciated. 





FAQ on tipping in Puerto Vallarta restaurants


How much are servers in Puerto Vallarta paid?   Typically, at upscale resorts, waiters earn 50 pesos (less than $5 US Dollars) a day.  Restaurant servers generally earn 40 pesos (less than $4 US Dollars) a day.


Do servers get to keep all their tips?  No. Actually, they tip out an average of 60% of their tips to the managers, bartender, hostess, cashier, cooking staff, cleaning staff, and if in fine dining, they also share half of their remaining tips with their partner.


What is the Spanish word for waiter/waitress/server?  Mesero/Mesera/Mereros. 


Deciphering restaurant and credit receipts in Puerto Vallarta- an overview of receipts and credit card slips from Mexico can be found on our money page.


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