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Internet access while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta


Internet cafes are on every corner and in nearly every hotel.  There are also a number of restaurants and establishments that offer free wireless to their customers.  This list can be found here:  Puerto Vallarta internet cafes guide.

Tip- if you're intending to use your own wireless network card while in Mexico- be sure and call your internet service provider before departing.  Make certain your card will work internationally, specifically in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico and also if additional fees will apply.

If you will be plugging your laptop into local internet networks be sure to bring your own fire wire or USB cable, as they can be hard to come by from hotels and are often in short supply at cyber cafes.

Getting internet service for long-term stays in Puerto Vallarta


 Cosmo Red


Internet Cafes- contact us to get listed now in the Puerto Vallarta internet cafe directory! 



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