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It's a different world.  A third world, actually, and one that doesn't come with the Tech Channel where all the latest internet and computer tips and tricks are easily learned.  For your convenience, we've compiled a few helpful tips for computer savvy individuals in the Puerto Vallarta area.


Shopping for computers in Puerto Vallarta:  Computers and software are significantly more expensive in Puerto Vallarta.  A laptop that is $1,000 USD in Minnesota, is easily $1,500 in PV- even at Walmart.  Sam's club is a bit better, but not by much.  It's best to make your computer purchases outside of Mexico, or travel to Guadalajara for better prices.


Shopping for Computer Accessories in Puerto Vallarta:  Finding hardware, replacement pieces, and computer accessories can be risky but is sometimes possible.  Your best chances is through a well established computer repair shop.  There are several near Gold's gym in Puerto Vallarta's hotel zone.  Another option is through local classified ads and the mano o mano, a local publication with an english section located in the back. 



DVD's and XBox/Playstation Games:  While this isn't exactly computer related, it's common practice to purchase the pirated DVD's that are sold religiously throughout Puerto Vallarta and especially in Pitillal so I will include some information on this as well.  These are cheap- about 30 pesos (50 pesos if you're wearing a fanny pack and scream TOURIST!) but beware- 1 out of 3 are completely worthless.  Nevermind the poor quality, (filmed in a movie theater, people walking past the screen and others spouting "shhhhhhh!" throughout the film) but often they just plain don't work.  Either they were burned bad, or the wrong cd was used.  If you do buy:  Your best bet is to find a seller that has a dvd player or XBox set up to check the disc before you purchase. 


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