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Mexico City, MEX(PVMEDIASOURCE.COM) October 1st, 2006—  Charley Strickland moves his former American NASCAR team to Mexico’s own Desafio Corona (DC) racing league.  His move is one of revolutionary impact for the second most popular sport in Latin America.  Falling just a few million behind soccer, the DC already has over 4 million viewers- an impressive number that promises to nearly double with the addition of an American team. 

Using the remainder of the 2006 season to break in his crew and get accustomed to racing in Mexico, Strickland intends to place his former NASCAR driver, Blake Mallory behind the wheel and start with the September 24th, 2006 race in Puebla, Mexico.  Leasing a car from the existing team of Rafael Vallina, ( Strickland intends to participate in most of the remaining races of the year, while ultimately preparing for a promising 2007 season.  

As for the DC itself, they are preparing for their newfound popularity amongst the English speaking countries, starting with the immediate translation of their website ( into English and preparations for American media inquiries.  They’re also enjoying a new wave of interest from both American and Latin sponsors who recognize the difference between a $5 million dollar NASCAR sponsorship and the few hundred thousand required to sponsor a DC team.  “Not a bad price tag for a spot next to FedEx and Sky Satellite on international television,” explains Miguel Garcia, partner in the luxury real estate agency, La Punta Realty and potential sponsor for Strickland.   

Even more promising to sponsors, Strickland has been approached by a well known production company from Guadalajara and is considering their proposed reality TV pilot to be broadcast in the U.S. and Latin America.  While Strickland hasn’t signed anything yet, he explains that he’s intrigued by the project where he and his team would be followed religiously while they prepare for their first racing season, negotiate with sponsors, and deal with all the challenges of racing in a third world country. 






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