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Inside Puerto Vallarta Health

Medical and Health

Staying healthy, medical insurance, what to do if you get sick, over-the-counter drugs, and general health information for tourists in Puerto Vallarta.


Prior to leaving the states for Mexico, you may want to call your health care provider and confirm your coverage for international care.  Medicare and Medicaid included, most plans do not cover health care outside of their own country, or they cover through reimbursement. 


Travel Medical Insurance can be purchased through special travel insurance providers.  Contact information for MEDEX and Travel Assistance International, etc are listed on our Puerto Vallarta Phone Numbers page.


"Can I drink the water in Mexico?"  The majority of water in Puerto Vallarta is purified to protect tourists from unfamiliar bacteria.  To be on the safe side, bottled water is available in every convenience store, grocery store, restaurant and hotel, etc.  Vegetables including salads, are washed and drained, using a purifying vegetable wash dilution.  To be on the safe side, salads can be skipped in off-the-beaten-path restaurants. 


Mild cases of "Montezuma's Revenge" can be easily taken care of with Pepto Bismol which is available in all grocery stores and pharmacies.  Yogurt is easy for digestion and can aid in correcting the situation but plenty of water should be drank in the meantime, since diarrhea and vomiting from the condition can lead to dehydration.


Over the counter drugs in Mexico-  Antibiotics and other prescription drugs can be purchased over the counter at any local pharmacy.  Crossing the border with these however, often brings a request for a prescription when presented to the customs agent. 


English speaking physicians can be found easily by asking your hotel concierge or calling your local embassy.  Physicians can be consulted and prescriptions purchased through them as well, for ridiculously cheap prices, for example, $150 pesos ($15 US Dollars) for a physical.  This is also the reason thousands of Americans choose to come here for their dental work- both cosmetic and non-elective.


Insect Repellent  -The city of Puerto Vallarta sprays for mosquitoes regularly, so they are not considered much of a problem anymore.  However, if you are prone to mosquito bites and prefer to stay on the safe side, insect repellent can be picked up at any grocery, convenience or pharmacy in Puerto Vallarta.

Important Phone Numbers:

International Association for Medical Assistance 716.754.4883

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 800.311.3435

MedicAlert Identification Tags 888.633.4298





















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