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Pitillal in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

If Puerto Vallarta were New York, Pitillal would be its "Village."  This is where the locals shop, hold their weddings, socialize, and shop more.  The town is just a short trip inland, and consists of row after row of small, privately owned stores.  Nearby is a huge modern grocery store, Sorbena's, as well as electronics stores, auto supply stores, modern movie theater, etc. 

In the center of the town is a cement park filled with flower beds and several arbors, beautiful lamppost lighting, and a gazebo.  Across the street from this park is another of Puerto Vallarta's elaborate cathedrals perfectly displayed by its surrounding stairway entrance. 

If you're lucky enough, you will visit Pitillal on a day when one of their frequent fashion shows is being performed on the street, or when a traditional catholic wedding ceremony is taking place at the cathedral.  One thing is certain- wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to leave with your hands full.  Clothing stores are abundant, shoe stores are everywhere, and just about everything else is here from toys to souvenirs for half the price as in Puerto Vallarta's downtown area. 

A number of DVD and XBox Game stores are here-  just a note on purchasing these dvd's.  Most are pirated so if you do buy, be sure to have them play it for you first.  Not only will this ensure the quality is acceptable, but also that the movie is in English and that the XBox or Playstation game works at all!


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