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Off the beaten path in Puerto Vallarta

Off the beaten path in Puerto Vallarta - Jungle paradises and more

One thing Puerto Vallarta offers, is plenty of off-the-beaten-path activities.  Shopping amidst the locals, exploring jungle villages, hiking through tropical rainforests, and getting a first-hand look at how the locals live are just a few things to do and see in Puerto Vallarta.


In the Puerto Vallarta Jungles:

There are a number of off the beaten path hideaways in the jungle's surrounding Puerto Vallarta.  Chino's Paradise and Eden's Paradise or El Eden are both just a few miles south of Old Town Vallarta.  It is best to take a bus or taxi here, although some prefer the hike up the long road.  The paradises offer bouts of cascading waterfalls running into a series of sand-bottomed natural pools.  The cascades are often used as slides by locals, and the pools are shared by swimmers and shy schools of fish, all surrounded by a lush jungle setting.  The area is also the jungle where the movie "The Predator" was filmed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and at El Eden, the restaurant's servers wear camouflage gear and combat boots as a part of the restaurant's resembling theme.  Hours change according to the season, but typically are 11 am to 5 pm. If you're up for a more secluded jungle hideaway, your best option is to talk to ATV tour guides.  No one knows the jungles better than them and they are happy to offer you services of a private guide.


There are also a number of off the beaten path villages and towns.  The best way to see these places is by renting a jeep for the day, and driving down the Mismaloya highway turning up the small dirt roads heading away from the ocean.  These little places are quiet, secluded villages with children playing in the street, chickens running around and the occasional loose livestock roaming between humble dwellings.  Many of these villages do not have electricity nor indoor plumbing, particularly common the farther south you go, toward Tomatlan and Yelapa.


Boca de Tomatlan is a must see off the beaten path destination. A short drive south on the highway to Mismaloya, a road turns off to the right, taking you down to a beach where a river from the jungle meets the ocean, surrounded by a beautiful bay.  Once a hideaway for pirates, Boca de Tomatlan offers spectacular views of the sunset and if you like to take pictures, you will not be disappointed.  Fishing boats rest in the lagoon and are pushed out by fisherman through a swirling path the river has made through the beach to the ocean.  If you arrive early enough, you can offer a hand to the fisherman as they feed pelicans a share of their catch for the day- these birds will come close enough that you can nearly touch them, ideal for kodak moments.


From Boca de Tomatlan, you can catch a water taxi to one of Puerto Vallarta's most popular attractions off the beaten path.  A few stops are offered along the way, to secluded beaches such as Las Animas- a favored surfing spot that rarely reaches more than a handful of people.  Yelapa is the final stop and is the perfect place to wander or lounge on a secluded beach with a cocktail from one of the small local establishments.  Yelapa is only recently accessible by land, and has been a famous "only reached by land" hideaway for decades.  Hike up the cobblestone walkways, surrounded by stone walls, to an impressive waterfall at the end of a long creek.


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