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puerto vallarta Cathedral of our lady of Guadalupe

Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Central Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


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Puerto Vallarta's most famous church: Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Address:  Hidalgo Calle (Street) 48310, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Located directly across from Puerto Vallarta's town square.

Pictured left, and below:  Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe (La Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe) is possibly Puerto Vallarta's most recognizable structure, located directly in front of the town square at the start of the famous malecon boardwalk.  This cathedral was built in 1929 and named in honor of the city's patron saint.  It is easily distinguished by the elaborate crown, topping the cathedral, which can be seen throughout most of the city.  There is much controversy over the crown of the cathedral- the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Puerto Vallarta Mexicooriginal is said to have been modeled after a tiara belonging to the mistress of the Emperor Maximilian,  which was damaged during an earthquake decades later.  The current crown was modeled after the crown of the 19th Century Empress Carlota.  The inner part of the cathedral is just as detailed, with rich gold moldings and tiles.  In December, the cathedral is the center for a 12 day festival that emanates throughout the city.



Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Church Puerto Vallarta Mexico









Pictured Below:  Cathedral at Park Hidalgo - Iglesio del Rexugio - located at the north end of the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta's downtown area.  The church faces a beautiful, and very modern, park complete with flowe- covered arbors and a fountain that springs from the floor .  This is a popular place for locals and tourists alike.  On Cathedral at Park Hidalgo - Puerto Vallarta Mexicowarm days, local children enjoy running through the fountain.  This cathedral is open to the public during very long hours and is popular for tourists during holidays such as Easter. 






Santa Cruz - Cathedral in Puerto Vallarta's Old Town

This church is located in Colonia (town) Emiliano Zapata inland of Los Muertos Beach, just a block inland of Pharmacia Guadalajara.  Known for: beautiful church bells on Sunday mornings, children practicing for cultural theater productions outside of the church, and a very popular churro stand- considered the best churros in Puerto Vallarta.


Iglesia de San Miguel - Cathedral in Pitillal just inland of Puerto Vallarta

Cathedral located in Pitillal, across from a newly rebuilt, modern city park square.  Magnificent in size and architecture, this cathedral has an impressive stairway landing leading up to beautiful cobalt blue doors.  Popular amongst the locals for many events and particularly for weddings.  Tourists have been known to wait in the park on Saturday's in hopes of catching a local Puerto Vallarta style wedding in Pitillal.



The Tepic Cathedral  : The Purisima Concepcion Cathedral.

Holy Water - Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Puerto Vallarta MexicoOne of the most impressive cathedrals in all of Mexico, the Tepic Cathedral was built in 1750, this cathedral is located on Avenue Mexico in Nayarit, just east of the Plaza Principal.   It was dedicated to the Immaculate Conception and is known as The Purisima Concepcion Cathedral.  The bell towers rise above the height of the surrounding town, while the inside consists of light colored walls and neoclassic gilded arches lead to the Virgin de la Asuncion surrounded by a choir of gleaming cherubs.




Talpa - The Holy City of Mexico

For those who have the time and are willing to make the effort.... The cathedral in Talpa is certainly worth a visit.  Talpa is considered Mexico's "Holy City" and boasts one of the most magnificent cathedrals in all of Latin America.  For a taste of authentic Mexican culture, visit during Santa Semana - Week of Saints - where your drive to Talpa will include the incredible sight of thousands of Mexican nationals walking along the highways on pilgrimages to the Holy City of Talpa.  Some actually drop to their knees and crawl for over a mile from the city line to the church's alter.


The city of Talpa itself is great for exploring.  A quaint town with unique shopping centers unlike any others in the world- near-hidden, multi tiered levels filled with small shops that are indescribable.  Religious products can be found here of all kinds along with candies the city is famous for making and distributing throughout the country.





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